What is this?

It's a mirror of the old Caverns Game from the old Caverns of Blood. Thanks to Archive.org and the fact that my Windows 98 machine doesn't ever clear it's webcache, I've managed to find almost all of the HTML, graphics, midis and sounds. I'm missing three files, HeartSoul.wav, NahNahNahC.wav and spew.html. If you've got a copy of any of these, send it my way.

Sadly, most web browsers have moved on and a lot of the fun stuff doesn't work anymore. I'd recommend finding a Windows XP VM (or better a Windows 98 VM) and visit using IE6. Modern Firefox is marginally better, but it's not remotely the same.

If you need a walkthrough, or just wanna see how it looks on Windows 98, I've got my 2022 Halloween playthrough on Youtube.

Also, if you want a local copy, I've zipped up all of this and uploaded it to archive.org. No need to wget it.

Anyway, to the Caverns