Help me! I can't see!

Try to focus, Speeeeelunker!I said, focus, man!

You have naively entered a dominion of phantasmagoric proportions. As your eyes attempt to vainly focus on these surreal surroundings, feelings of uneasiness and foreboding are released into your already shaky system. Seeing only in a strange two dimensional manner, you can't seem to distinguish a secure point of reference in any apparent direction.

































































Congratulations ...You've made it this far by nerveless locomotion and sheer luck. However, you've become very discouraged and don't want to continue. Fortunately, the overwhelming desire to discover the mysterious Cave Of Jewels compels you onward. You proceed, ever so slowly, by dragging each unseen foot, one in front of the other, never permitting either heel to leave the slushy and opaque foundation that scorns your very existence. A rotten, infected sort of odor has quickly swept through the hollow.





































































































The end of this unnatural apparition has been reached. You can no longer travel in this direction. You vehemently strain to see any presence of an outlet or opening. Nothing in kind can be detected. "There has to be an exit - I just have to keep looking," you grumble. Perhaps your escape was unwittingly overshot somewhere within the traversal. That putrid, nauseating pungency has been getting increasingly less perceptible at this point.